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This is me. The real me. You’re probably wondering, “Why would she use that picture?” or “She has so many better ones.” But this is me. Always laughing and happy. And in the second picture.. you’re probably wondering “Wtf is wrong with that girl?” Well, that’s me. A couple hours after my Kidney transplant— still smiling. A lot of people ask me why I’m always smiling or why I’m so happy all the time. I tell them why shouldn’t I be?? Why should I let my Kidney problem and other medical problems effect my personality? I always used to ask why me, why me? But why bother. I would never get an answer. I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason though. My kidney problem has lead me to so many great things; finding out that I have amazing, true friends and family, realizing how strong I can be, and also making the best out of the worst situations. I was on dialysis for over a year (dialysis is a machine that basically acts as my kidney)….I would have to be connected to that machine at 7:30 every night stuck in my room. I wasn’t allowed to go swimming, have sleepovers, or eat various types of foods. There’s that smiley me again— making the best of things; I would just sit at the side of the pools and dip my feet in, have friends sleepover at my house with my dialysis machine and since I couldn’t eat many types of foods… I would just think of it as a healthy lifestyle. 

Sorry for rambling on but my point is, that in life if you make the best of things, the best things will come back to you. You may think your life is the worst ever or that nothing is ever going to change… but like my mom always says “It could have been worse.” 

I don’t know if they will ever find a cure for my kidney—hopefully they do, but for now I just want to enjoy my new kidney and appreciate it.  I used to be so scared and nervous about what my friends would think of me and all my medical problems… but now I know that they are true friends and that they would be there for me no matter what. 

Before I would always say I hated my life and that I wish I had no medical problems… Now I can guarantee you that I don’t hate my life— but I will admit sometimes I wish I had no medical problems. I am accepting myself for who I am.

I am me and only me.

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